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While Siberian Huskies are beautiful dogs they are not for everyone.  Siberians are medium sized sled dogs bred to carry light loads over a great distance in harsh climates.  They love to dig, run (away if allowed to), and will chase and catch small animals. They are not guard dogs and should not be aggressive towards people or other dogs.  They make great family pets because they do not just bond to a single family member. We recommend taking puppies to an introductory obedience class then a refresher between the ages of one and two. 

Gracie and IC BikejouringGracie and IC at the start of a dryland race.

Siberians require a securely fenced yard and are known to be escape artists.  This is a breed that should never be trusted off lead.  Because they are bred to work these dogs need to be kept busy, if you do not give them something to do they will find something to keep themselves busy.  Siberians are smart but tend to like to do what they find appealing.  Although they are a low oder breed they do "blow" their coats roughly twice a year....leaving a pile of undercoat that could easily fill a garbage bag.

Robber and Turk backpackingRobber and Turk backpacking.  Siberians can earn Working Pack Titles.

Siberian Huskies are considered a natural and healthy breed.  However, people who breed their Siberians must be aware of genetic disorders that do show up in the breed and screen dogs used in breeding programs. Check out the Siberian Husky Health Foundation's, and the SHCA's webpage about genetic disorders for information on health issues concerning the Siberian Husky.  Even the healthiest dog will need to go to the vet on occasion, it is important to think about vet expenses when considering adding a Siberian Husky to your family.  They are easy keepers and do not need as much food as other breeds of their size BUT should always be fed a high quality food.  Our dogs do best on a grain free meat based kibble that is about 30% protein and 20% fat.

One of our litters on a Siberian Proof Karanda bed Jovi and siblings on a Siberian proof Kuranda bed.

Please visit the Siberian Husky Club of America's site to read more on the breed. 

Pokie climbing a treePokie climbing a tree